Well I decided to go to the Pumpyard Bar and Brewery for some drinks on Sunday afternoon with Friends and Family to celebrate my 50th birthday. We had a great afternoon as the photos show (thanks to Alyson for taking them) it was a hot day. We headed home and Had dinner (cooked by myself) with Alyson and Glenn. Along with the wine, beer, food and sun I ended up crashing early and had a great nights sleep.  

The photos are in the gallery here.

On Monday my official birthday Tracey and I along with the kids went to Grilled for dinner. The kids gave me some really great presents and especially Lauren gave me a Billy Idol Pop Rock. Alyson,Glenn,Megan,Daniel,Michael all chipped in and gave me a Johnny Walker Gold Label bottle very nice.

Along with my birthday Tracey and I celebrated 23 years married.